DIY Halloween Wood Bead Garland

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I don’t know about you but I absolutely LOVE to decorate for Halloween – I love the bold colors, the pumpkins and the chance to have fun with different patterns.  Today I am sharing how to make this fun DIY Halloween Wood Bead Garland.  These colorful and festive beads were so fun to decorate and easy to make, too.   And in fact, you could use them for a necklace or bracelet, too!












DIY Halloween Wood Bead Garland 

Here are the supplies you’ll need:
Wood Beads
Orange paint (Pumpkin)
White Paint (Wedding Cake)
Black Paint (Beetle Black)
Paint brushes
Bead Cord 48 lbs Hemp Twine













Step 1: Separate your beads into groups for each color you have chosen.  (I had 21 beads total and used 7 beads of each color -orange, black and white). Slide the bead onto a skewer for better handling while painting.


















Paint your bead and then slide the off the skewer onto your plate to dry. Repeat this step for all of your beads.  I used a different brush for each color.


















Step 2: Place the beads onto a skewer and decorate your beads with alternating colors and patterns.  I used a Qtip to dab circles and draw lines.  (You could also use a Sharpie marker or other embellishments.)




















































Step 3: String your beads onto the cord alternating colors and patterns as you wish.



































And that’s it! Easy Peasy! I love the colorful spin on these trendy neutral wooden beads.


















This garland can also be used as a cute necklace or bracelet.












I love the traditional colors but the possibilities of color combinations are really endless!












Thanks for stopping by and have fun decorating for Halloween!

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